Stop Using “Poet Voice”: Rich Smith

If you are into students reading poetry out loud (and you should be), take a moment to read this CityArts article "Stop Using 'Poet Voice'" by Rich Smith. On a similar vein of speaking poems, my wife thinks that Garrison Keillor ruins poems daily with his readings on his Writer's Almanac podcast.  It's a great source... Continue Reading →


114. The Witches’ Spell from Macbeth: William Shakespeare

Here is the classic scene from William Shakespeare's "Macbeth". Yes, its a play and not a poem, but... Three witches + cauldron + The Bard = great read aloud. Ham it up! And look at the language. The images. What was Shakespeare trying to do with words?! How fun it is. How, do you students... Continue Reading →

82. Aeneid 1. 430-37: Vergil

This is from the UVM Latin Day program. I do not speak or read Latin, but am a huge proponent of students taking it. Indeed, if I had my way all students would take a year before taking French, Spanish and the like. How else can you learn English without knowing its origins. The University... Continue Reading →

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