226. Flag Salute: Esther Poper

My wife was preparing her unit on the Harlem Renaissance¬†and I came up short--I could only name about three artists involved. ¬†Now, I can't name that many writers from most literary movements, but when I called up Wikipedia I was at a loss to even recognize names beyond Hughes or Hurston (so, really, two names).... Continue Reading →


144. Incident: Countee Cullen

This is a pretty blunt poem that says all that needs to be said. Use it when you are talking about the power each of us has to crush another person. My students don't realize, or much believe, that their negative connecting has any real power. When they do say something ("just a joke") I... Continue Reading →

44. The Congo: Vachel Lindsay

I know this poem from "Dead Poets Society", which you might love or hate. I, too, have a love/hate relationship with the movie, but my love side teaches it often because Peter Weir did so many great things with cameras and the symbolism is priceless. But, I suggest Wikipedia as the best source about Lindsay... Continue Reading →

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