221. The Art of Making Possible: Nancy Scheibner

Is hope trite? My sister shared a parody pro-Hilary Clinton piece, which took me down the rabbit hole I'm sharing now because it ended with this poem.  Back in 1969, when the real Clinton was Wellesley College's valedictorian speaker, she, too, ended her speech with the last lines of "The Art of Making Possible" (and,... Continue Reading →


199. A Dirge: Christina Rossetti

Did I mention that I wrote a mystery where the protagonist is a teacher? Shameless Self Promotion   When I was young and enjoyed the idea of terse verse and clever writing, I held a fear that old age meant reading genre fiction.  There is a lot of bias in that statement that you can... Continue Reading →

85. Sound and Sense: Alexander Pope

I do not celebrate National Poetry Month. Obviously, it's not because I don't like poetry, but instead because anything worth teaching is worth transcending. Black History Month, which started the "Month" trend, clearly did the job by demanding a cursory address of the importance of black Americans to our history. Likewise, National Poetry Month leads... Continue Reading →

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