Use Children’s Picture Books

Yes, Mike Mulligan dabs. We discovered this fact during our unit on the Industrial Revolution.  Half of the students were given Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House while the other half read her Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.  Each was asked to tell us if Burton thought industrialization and development were a good thing or a bad... Continue Reading →


210. I started Early – Took my Dog -: Emily Dickinson

What do you do with texts that may or may not be sexual?I'm not talking about handling clearly sexual material, like a Judy Blume book or a racy poem. This is more about innuendo, and not clear innuendo but what a reading might interpret from the text.For example, a very good professor I had at... Continue Reading →

206: Paradise Lost: Book II: John Milton

Common Core a bit overwhelming? One afternoon, I was going to do the hard work of going through my ELA Common Core standards line by line and pulling out the recurring verbs--dull stuff--when I figured that, in this computer age, there must be a better way.   And it hit me: Wordle. Like Xerox, a... Continue Reading →


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