218. At the California Institute of Technology: Richard Brautigan

This generation is picky. No connection is fast enough, or response quick enough coming.  I cannot tell if the irrupting is poor upbringing, indulgence or simply not knowing what delayed gratification is or feels like. Unlike my peers, I do not believe television and computers have ruined this generation.  My students do not need to... Continue Reading →


209. Burnt Norton: T.S. Eliot

It was the quote "distracted from distraction by distraction " used in the article "Surrounded By Digital Distractions, We Can't Even Stop to Think" that made me choose this poem. It has been awhile since I got lost in an Eliot poem (lost being the most accurate term--he turns me around quite a bit) and... Continue Reading →

126. The Hand: Mary Ruefle

This blog was inspired by Billy Collins' attempt at bringing poetry back into the classroom, "Poetry 180". The idea was the provide a "poem a day" that would move beyond the usual anthology-of-death lying dusty in the corners of high school English classrooms. I had bought it, inspired by the idea, but found that most... Continue Reading →

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