187. Tracks: Tomas Transtromer

How’s this for a distracting blog page?

A mess.

My wife gave me this poem, which I like but I don’t really get.  That’s typical of our relationship, not only with poetry.  What do you think?  It’s a clear image, but your students can talk about this all day, no?  What’s with the dream?  How is it like a train stopped?  Huh?


There was supposed to be a video of Jane Hirschfield reading the poem embedded here, but it’s just not working.  So, you can click on this link to see it.  Sorry it’s not within this post.

This is a book that contains “Tracks”
But this is the cover I like the most, so I’m putting it up here (with a bigger photo).


Tomas Tranströmer

Night, two o’clock: moonlight. The train has stopped
in the middle of the plain. Distant bright points of a town
twinkle cold on the horizon.

As when someone has gone into a dream so far
that he’ll never remember he was there
when he comes back to his room.

And as when someone goes into a sickness so deep
that all his former days become twinkling points, a swarm,
cold and feeble on the horizon.

The train stands perfectly still.
Two o’clock: full moonlight, few stars.

(Translated from the Swedish by Robert Bly)


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