Posted by: Tom Triumph | February 3, 2011

129. The snow is melting: Kobayashi Issa

I could go into a long account of Kobayashi being one of the four great haiku poets, but you can read it here from Wikipedia.

I could talk about haiku, as we all know that it is the only form students know because it seems easy (they don’t get the whole “freedom through restriction” concept).

Instead, just think about the image of children flowing down into a village.

The snow is melting
Kobayashi Issa

The snow is melting
and the village is flooded
with children.



  1. that is sad

  2. That’s not a haiku

    • You may be right. I’m going to defer to my original source, and assume the elements of a haiku lost in translation. Perhaps, in the original it meets the criteria.

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