Forbes Fictional 15

Okay, this has nothing to do with poetry, but middle school literature…. (kind of).

For the past several years Forbes magazine has published a list ranking the richest fictional characters.  Called the “Forbes Fictional 15” it is a fun poke at their own annual lists of the richest nonfictional people in the world.  This has nothing to do with poetry, but as a middle school teacher I knew the diversity of the list would excite my students and make them think about how details of a character make our minds work.

Why, for example, does Rowling give Harry Potter untold wealth in Gringots yet allow him to do little with it (help Ron, for example)?  How does Rowling use Lucius Malfoy’s obvious possession of wealth to contrast the character of Arthur Weasly, and how does this reflect their moral character?  Harry has wealth, yet we see him how… because…???

Wikipedia has all of the lists here.  In the links section at the bottom of that article you can read the original Forbes piece; a nice, light piece of writing.

As much of the original Forbes list contains non-literary characters, many of whom are comic book characters, I edited the list to those nine that can be found in text.  Another discussion might be about those comic book characters and why many need such vast fortunes (Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Daddy Warbucks, etc.).  A great follow up discussion might be to show the original list and see the fountain of information they have on comic book, television and video game characters; what cultural literacy do they possess (and you don’t) and what value does it contain?

Anyway, its just good fun.

Rank Name Net Worth ($billion) Age Residence Source
1 Carlisle Cullen 34.1-34.5 370 Forks, Wash. Compound Interest, Long-Term Investments
2 Ebenezer Scrooge 8.0 63 London, England Investments, Banking
3 Sir Topham Hatt 2 55 Island of Sodor, U.K. Railroad, real estate
4 Artemis Fowl II 1.9 15 Dublin, Ireland Inheritance, Theft, Technology patents
5 Willy Wonka 1.9 57 Kent, England Candy, Aerospace
6 Lucius Malfoy 1.6 51 Wiltshire, England Inheritance, Antiquities, Crime
7 Charles Bass 1.1 18 Manhattan, N.Y. Real Estate
8 Jay Gatsby 1 30 West Egg, N.Y. Racketeering, Investments
9 Cruella De Vil 1 65 London, UK Inheritance

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