24. I’ll Fly Away: Albert E. Brumley

I’ve had this song in my head all day (I don’t know how it got there). Perhaps that is not enough to recommend it for use in class, but….

This may raise the debate if songs are poems, in the literal sense. To that I recommend you take it to your students. This is a beautiful song to listen to, and the discussion might be if these words are anything without the music. Does that define a poem vs. just lyrics? Discuss.

It also might make some uncomfortable as it is a Church of Christ hymn and many of us teach in public school (for the record, I am not a Christian and a strong supporter of the separation of church and state). Again, ask the students if talking about a hymn is the same as pushing an ideology? Discuss.

I use this and “Amazing Grace” in the social sciences as historical artifacts and what it might tell us about the people who created and embraced them. Discuss.

I’ll Fly Away
Albert E. Brumley

Some bright morning when this life is over
I’ll fly away
To that home on God’s celestial shore
I’ll fly away

I’ll fly away oh glory
I’ll fly away (in the morning)
When I die hallelujah by and by
I’ll fly away

When the shadows of this life have gone
I’ll fly away
Like a bird from these prison walls I’ll fly
I’ll fly away

Oh how glad and happy when we meet
I’ll fly away
No more cold iron shackles on my feet
I’ll fly away

Just a few more weary days and then
I’ll fly away
To a land where joys will never end
I’ll fly away


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  1. “I’ll fly away” was written by a member of the Church of Christ. The hymn may be sung in the Baptist church, but Albert Brumley was a member of the Church of Christ. According to Wikipedia, Albert Brumley is buried at Fox Church of Christ Cemetery near Powell.

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